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How to earn money from facebook ?

facebook revenue earn money from facebook
How to earn money from facebook ?

How to earn money from facebook ?

You have made friends with your customers on Facebook. You have connected and reconnected with them, updated them about your products?

But have you made SALE to your Facebook customers? Pragmatically speaking, connecting and targeting prospective customers on Facebook is good but what would have been great is to have hard core benefit of economics - to reap profits in tangible, real terms.

If you want to have real profits, then the mantra is SELL STRAIGHT FROM THE FACEBOOK How?

Till now you have used Facebook to market your product and business, you have made sales indirectly. People would connect with you and then you assume that they will search your website, reach there and assume!

WANT TO MAKE DIRECT SALES, How to earn money from facebook ? very simple -

Just integrate a Facebook shopping cart with your Facebook fan page, that's it! Now your Facebook fans will come to your fan page and will not only read about your products but see them visually and the moment they start to have ideas of purchasing them, CALL TO ACTION is right there in front of them- the shopping cart.

The point that I make here is that sure you have a fan page and lots of people who like your product but what was missing - a good call to action. Advertising guru's have rightly said that if call to action is missing in the heat of moment, you lose a potential sale - and

Facebook fan page, till now was left hanging in this aspect. There are ample varieties of shopping cart available for online business, call for a professional help, integrate a user-friendly shopping cart and start earning from Facebook.

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How to earn money from facebook ?

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