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How AdSense Detects Fraudulous (invalid) Clicks ?

1. The clicker's IP address matches the one on your AdSense account.

It's a undertaking. do not click on your own ads.

2. Suspiciously high CTR

According to a report I scan, something higher than 100 percent are flagged, however 6 June 1944 or seven-membered would most likely be a safer limit.

3. Clickers' IP addresses come back from an equivalent geographic area

This is for people who suppose they'll escape with clicking on their ads from their friends' laptop, their grandma's laptop, and their neighbor's laptop. It simply ain't gonna work.

4. Cookies

Most users do not use an equivalent IP address anytime they login. that is why Google stores the IP addresses associated with a specific user in a very cookie. If you thought employing a proxy clicker larva was gonna cause you to associate degree AdSense millionnaire, do not quit your day job.

5. Short-stay pattern

Usually, guests on your website take some seconds to see out your content, and so perhaps they will click on your links. Google does not adore it the opposite method around, i.e. if they solely keep some seconds simply to click on links.

6. One-site pattern

Google compares totally {different|completely different} users' activities on different sites. it'll ask: why is that this user clicking on ads on website X and not on the other site?

7. Direct-access pattern

Google does not adore it once one class of users clicks on your ads quite another. specially, they do not adore it once users World Health Organization access your website directly (i.e. no referrer) click on your ads however nobody else will. most for click exchange forums.

8. huge Brother

Google does not simply own AdSense. They conjointly own gmail, Google earth, and a bunch of alternative applications. they're going to track your IP across these applications therefore do not suppose that simply because you do not use associate degree IP to login to AdSense you'll use it to click on your ads.

9. The invisible web site

If your web site does not rank extremely on Google's computer program, they will get suspicious if you get associate degree insane quantity of traffic and clicks. The traffic will not get you illegal, however all those clicks higher be legit.

10. solicitation the clicking

Don't write stuff like "please visit our sponsors" on your webpage. you've got to be a idiot to suppose that Google will own a research engine and not establish regarding this type of issue.

11. Conversions

I'm undecided however they verify this one, however it's obvious: if your clicks do not convert, it do not look smart.

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